About Me

Hello gorgeous

My name is Kasey. At a young age I discovered my love for trendy fashion clothes watching my mother and grandmother always dressing up and since then been addicted to the fashion industry ever since. From dressing up to head out to the farm or a night out in the big city, I always loved being unique and standing out from the crowd. All through out college and working, I managed to sell and trade my used and once loved trendy fashionable items on selling apps when I soon realized that I should turn what I love into a business. Sharing my love for boutique dresses, rompers and accessories is what I enjoy most. My goal is to empower woman to love themselves while making an impact on those around them with adorable and sexy outfits. I feel every woman deserves to sparkle and I'm here to help. From my own personal experience over the years, I constantly found myself out of inspiration outfit ideas and now I'm here to help others and share my secrets with you while not only looking, but feeling AMAZING! 

I hope you all enjoy the every product that is made with love! So with that being said, let's inspire each other to love ourselves and look adorable doing it.


Love Kasey