STS Ranchwear

STS Ranchwear is manufactured by Carroll Original Wear, a division of Carroll Companies Inc. Carroll Original Wear is the leader in quality premium trophy jackets and vests. Stran Smith is best known for his long term career in professional rodeo, qualifying for the national finals numerous times and winning the 2008 world champion tie-down roping title after overcoming his share of hardships in and out of the arena. What is not as highly publicized is Stran's background as a 4th generation rancher from Tell, Texas. When not on the road, Stran, his wife Jennifer and three children, Stone, Scout and Selah still raise black Angus cattle on the family ranch.

The StS Ranchwear Collection follows in line with Stran's belief that integrity, work ethic, family and quality should be the base of any of his operations whether it be in rodeo, cattle or apparel. From top quality leather jackets to heavy-duty yet breathable work coats, vests and accessories, StS Ranchwear strives to meet your ranching outdoor needs. When you're working long hours in relentless elements, the last thing you need to worry about is your clothing... That's where we come in.